I’ve Got a Million Skill Points!

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Type: ONA

Plot Summary:

Who said that if you are selected by the system, you will have to work hard for the system? For Su Chen, it is impossible to work part-time, and it is impossible to work for the system in this lifetime. Tasks issued by the system? No answer! Dare the system threaten? beat him! The system knelt down and pleaded: “Host father, please have mercy on me, take a task.” Su Chen impatiently said: “You wait until I spend a million skill points!

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Released: 2023

Status: Ongoing

Other name: I've Got a Million Skill Points!, I Have Million Skill Points, Millionaire Player, Wo You Baiwan Jineng Dian, Wǒ Yǒu Bǎiwàn Jìnéng Diǎn, 我有百万技能点

I’ve Got a Million Skill Points!

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