Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo 2 (Dub)

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Type: ONA

Plot Summary:

Wang Ling has been living a quiet life ever since resolving a particular incident, but thanks to his previous tampering with the laws of nature, the level of psionic powers in the world has dropped drastically. To stop the levels from plummeting further, his spirit sword Jingke comes to the rescue. But due to the excessive use of power, Jingke ends up ripping a crack in space. This crack allows demons to infiltrate the world and steal spiritual energy essential to powering human society. Now the only person who has the power to thwart their plans is none other than Wang Ling. In an attempt to balance his high school life with his supernatural one, Wang Ling must confront challenges ranging from teacher home visits, crafting spiritual swords, grappling with his growing feelings for Sun Rong, and battling invading demons!

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Dub, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Released: 2021

Status: Ongoing

Other name: Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo Er, 仙王的日常生活 贰, 仙王的日常生活 第二季, The Daily Life of the Immortal King 2

Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo 2 (Dub)

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